Unisto and Tarifold are two well established, leading and world-wide appreciated brands. They stand for quality, reliability and innovation.
For both, it has come almost naturally to associate our talents to create an offer of high-end name badges of outstanding quality.
Our mission is not only to provide you with the best possible product in our category,
but also a dedicated international customer and logistic service team that will pro-actively respond to all your needs.
All our products are MADE IN GERMANY using the latest materials and technologies in our ISO compliant factory.
We are very proud to introduce our Unisto by Tarifold premium range of name badges. Enjoy!


The design of our name badge range has been thought with a sense of elegance and style. We have created products that help communicate professionally and stylishly, leaving a lasting impression of quality and pride.

  • Elegance
  • Style
  • Quality
  • Stylish


Unisto by Tarifold name badges have been designed in a wide variety of styles and types to suit all your needs. They will perfectly fit to you in offices, hotels, restaurants, banqueting and training events, promotions and special awards, shops and many more.

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Promotions

Adding value

The premium quality of Unisto by Tarifold name badges will enhance the quality and image of your organization when in the presence of your customers. Whenever your staff is face-to-face with customers or clients, name badges are the essential tool in your organisation's presentation.

  • Enhance image of your organization
  • Enhance quality
  • Eseential tool in presentation
  • Customer presence



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